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The mission of Well Fluid Services Limited is to carry out our operations in the petroleum industry under the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and beyond.

WELL FLUID SERVICES LIMITED put safety first in all of our operations. We have a robust maintenance procedure in place, thoroughly carrying out preventive maintenance and regularly carrying out maintenance on all our equipment as at when due in line with our maintenance plans.

We carry out regular training and re-training of all our employees and vendors thereby ensuring a safety conscious workforce and work environment both in our base and on the field.

WELL FLUID SERVICES LIMITED recognizes the hazardous nature of its operations and adverse consequences of its failure to observe check and control or completely eliminate the acts and conditions that could result in accidents or incidents. It is WELL FLUID SERVICES LIMITED belief that a good HSE POLICY shall form an integral part of her business and will vigorously pursue all accident prevention programs through her well-structured and effective HSE systems:

WELL FLUID SERVICES LIMITED activities will therefore be organized, planned and executed so that :

    1. The health, safety and security of all its employees and any person under our work environment is a priority.
    2. A genuine respect for our employees and the society in general is encouraged, thereby contributing to the welfare of all concerned, participating in the company’s operations including subcontractors and third parties are safeguarded.
    3. Any possible undesirable effect of its activities on the environment is minimized.
    4. (iv) Damage and danger to material and property is avoided. Every employee of WELL FLUID SERVICES LIMITED shall perform his/her work in accordance with this policy; work will be suspended when it is believed that essential safety systems are not in place.

Organizational structures defining responsibilities, communication systems and comprehensive reporting procedures ensure that safety measures are taken into account throughout all facets of the company’s activities.

The employees of the company must plan and perform their work in accordance with this policy.

Quality in all our operations is assured. Our QHSE and general job performance has always been rated high by our clients. We have always met and most times exceeded our client’s expectation.

At WELL FLUID SERVICES LIMITED, we believe in quality service delivery in the safest way possible.