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Our Services

Drilling / Production Support

Well Clean-up, Surface Well Testing, Maximum Efficiency Rate, Extended Well Testing, Early Production Facility, Flow Back Services, Surface Sampling for PVT Analysis, Temporary Well Hook-Up.

Well Optimization

Sand Detection and Quantification, Sand Protection & Removal from Processes Facilities, Onsite Determination Of Sand Grains, Laboratory Analysis Of Sand Grains.

Production Optimization

Well Unloading Through Gas Lift Valves, Gas Injection Rate Determination & Measurements.


Effluent Water Treatment, Domestic Water Treatment, Emulsion Oil Treatment.

Technical Personnel Training & Supply

Surface Well Testing Services, Slick line Services, Well Completion Services, Production Operation Services, Maintenance /Calibration Services .

Production & Drilling Chemical Supply

We supply varieties of chemical for production and drilling work.


We carry out Drill stem testing and Tubing coveyed perforation on oil and gas wells, we can run both the DST and TCP in tandem or carry out shoot and pull depending on the client need or requirement. With thus service we can carryout full downhole and surface well testing on land swamp and offshore.